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Circumnavigations: Isle of Skye

The circumnavigation of the Isle of Skye seems to bring more rumour and heresay than most. The distance involved is significant, any circumnavigation is impressive; but a 48 hour completion would be a serious challenge, a 24 hour one will push the paddler to the very limit. There are some who claim that they can complete such an achievement and tales of those who already have, but concrete evidence is hard to find.
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Image: Cuillin Hills, Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye


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Posn. K1W Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Start Boat Verified Links
1 K1M Pete Evans 8 days 24-Jun-13 Mallaig Rockpool Taran 16
1 K1M Mike Martin 8 days 2012? ? Rockpool Alaw Video

2 solo paddlers.
Verified = GPS record


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Pos. K1W Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Start Boat Verified Links
1 Team Will Herman
Tim Pearson
6 days Aug-11 Armadale P+H Sirius
Rockpool Alaw

2 team paddlers in 1 teams
Verified = GPS record

Isle of Skye
3 completions -- 2 solo + 1 teams -- 4 paddlers in total (2 solo / 2 team)

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