Circumnavigations: Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is another UK island that seems to have been created to give a perfect one day circumnavigation challenge. It also brings into play interesting tides and scenery, at the same time all this is complicated by some of the busiest waterways found along the UK coastline. A good combination of planning, stamina and paddling skills are required for this one but also an especial awareness for all those others afloat.

Isle of Wight

Route Distance: ~48 nm / 89 km
Prevailing direction: CCW


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1K1MJohn Willacy07:19:4623-Mar-15Rockpool TaranYes
2K1MRhys Hunt07:31:2530-Mar-21Valley NordkappYes
3K1MRhys Hunt07:31:5027-Apr-21Valley NordkappYes
4K1MMichal Madera07:57:1027-May-21Tiderace Pace 17 TourYes
5K1MBrendan Reese07:59:0028-Jul-11Nelo InukYesPhotos
6K1MMartin Scott08:21:0030-Aug-11Epic 18xYes
7K1MVictor Copeland08:22:1422-Sep-13P+H Bahiya--
8K1MMichal Madera08:25:5722-Jul-20Tiderace Pace 17 TourYes
9K1MRhys Hunt08:30:5815-Jan-21Valley NordkappYes
10K1MVictor Copeland09:00:00Jul-13P+H Bahiya--
11K1MJames Doherty09:02:0727-Apr-21Rockpool TaranYes
12K1MAndy Hiscock09:27:0013-Sep-14Epic 18Yes
13K1MMark Rainsley09:28:0031-May-14Zegul Velocity--Blog
14K1MJohn Aberdein09:49:0009-Sep-80Valley Anas Acuta--Article
15K1MJon Needham09:51:2310-Jun-20Rockpool TaranYes
16K1MJames Doherty10:05:3916-Sep-20Cape Falcon F1YesYouTube
17K1MGiles Hudson10:08:4706-Sep-20Rockpool TaranYes
18(1)K1WSharon Miller10:20:0004-Jul-1987P+H Umnak--
19K1MJames Doherty11:02:1931-Aug-20Cape Falcon F1YesWrite-upCW
20K1MRob Tew11:03:2104-Sep-12Tiderace XciteYes
21K1M_SkiRichi Oliver11:21:41 21-Sep-13Stealth Splash 550--
22K1MTim Wiggins11:53:0227-Jul-19Valley Etain RMEscortLocal NewsCW
23K1MMichal Madera11:55:0031-Dec-10Plastex Sea MasterYesPhotos
24K1MGlyn Brackenbury12:03:1405-Jan-13Mega SovereignYes
25K1MMichal Madera12:21:5428-May-21Tiderace Pace 17 TourYes
26(2)K1WKate Duffus12:50:0017-Feb-10P+H Cetus LV--Blog
27SUP_MPhilip Plume14:25:5213-Jul-1914' Fanatic BlitzYesBlog
28K1MPeter Mansell23:00:0016-Apr-10--Website

28 solo paddlers.


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1TeamSimon Alderdice
Joe Langham
07:25:4118-Oct-20Rockpool Taran
Rockpool Taran 16
2TeamGiles Hudson
Matt Parton
08:22:5221-Sep-20Rockpool Taran
Tiderace Pace 17
3Team_SkiChloe Bunnett
Ivan Lawler
Peter Molnar
08:36:24 18-Aug-10Epic V10L
Epic V10L
Epic V10
4TeamAndy Hiscock
Martin Scott
09:24:0014-Jun-10Valley Avocet RM
Epic 18
5TeamRich Holt
Matt Parton
09:42:4018-May-18SKUK Romany Surf
Valley Etain
6K2Richie Couzens
Hari Budha Magar
7TeamVictor Copeland
Vivien Nicholls
11:10:0013-Jul-13P+H Bahiya
Valley Pintail
8TeamRich Holt
Matt Parton
11:27:0002-Apr-17SKUK Romany Surf
Valley Etain
9TeamJames Forward
Julian Haines
11:42:1502-Apr-17Nordkapp Jubilee M
Nordkapp Forti
10TeamJon Needham
Dave Phillips
11:46:0027-Aug-16Valley Aquanaut RM
Valley Aquanaut RM
11K2Andy Morton
Jane Morton
11:50:0002-Mar-13Valley Aleut II
12Team_SkiChris Buckton
Barry Robson
Ian Smith
12:22:45 16-May-14Stealth Splash 550
Epic V6
Epic V8
13TeamClaire Cheong-Leen
Simon Edwards
13:50:0017-Apr-10Rockpool Alaw
North_Shore Polar
14TeamRhys Hunt
Neil Lutas
14:59:4408-Apr-21Valley Nordkapp
15TeamGraham Beckram
Roger Hiley
Roger Wiltshire
M. Scott
17:30:0019-Jun-04P+H Bahiya

34 team paddlers in 15 teams

Isle of Wight
43 completions -- 28 solo + 15 teams
62 paddlers in total (28 solo / 34 team)

Route Distance: ~48 nm / 89 km
Prevailing direction: CCW
Recorded Start Points:
    • ?? (1)
    • Alum Bay (2)
    • Bembridge (3)
    • Brambles Chine (1)
    • Calshot Slip (1)
    • Calshot Spit (1)
    • Colwell Bay (1)
    • East Cowes (1)
    • East Haven (1)
    • Egypt Point (1)
    • Fishbourne (1)
    • Freshwater Bay (3)
    • Hurst Castle (3)
    • Hurst Point (3)
    • Keyhaven (2)
    • Lee-on-Solent (1)
    • Lepe (1)
    • Lepe Country Park (1)
    • Milford-On-Sea (1)
    • Needles (7)
    • Stansore Point (1)
    • Stokes Bay (2)
    • The Needles (3)
    • Totland (1)

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