Circumnavigations: Hayling Island

Hayling Island, along with its close neighbour - Portsea Island, seems tailor made as an introduction to the world of island circumnavigations. A relatively short round trip, it still incorporates the necessity of tidal planning in order to set a good time, or to avoid a muddy walk!

For a real challenge try for the double - Portsea and Hayling combined!

Though part of this trip is within the more sheltered waters of Langstone and Chichester Harbours, it is also fully exposed along the south coast of the island, please read the thoughts on safety:
Safety - Info Page

Hayling Island

Route Distance: ~11 nm / 20 km
Prevailing direction: CW
Recorded Start Points:
  • Hayling Bay
  • Hayling Ferry Dock
  • Inn on the Beach
  • Winner Bank


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Posn. K1W Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Boat Verified Links
1 K1M Ade Butt 02:00:45 31-May-17 Fenn Ski? Yes
2 K1M Richard Kent 02:01:30 31-May-17 Fenn Ski? --
3 K1M Paul Krysik 02:02:12 24-Nov-14 Rockpool Taran Yes
4 K1M Guy Holmes 02:03:20 31-May-17 Fenn Ski? --
5 K1M Brendan Reese 02:05:53 21-Apr-11 Nelo Inuk Yes GPS
6 K1M_Ski Paul Krysik 02:06:38 08-Jun-14 Epic V10 Sport -- CCW
7 K1M Mark Spruce 02:09:18 08-Jun-20 Rockpool Taran Yes CCW
8 K1M Paul Krysik 02:21:56 07-Jul-13 Eclipse Cirrus Yes CCW

8 solo paddlers.


Pos. Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Boat Verified Links
1 K2 Ski Mark Spruce
Fred Taylor
02:03:56 22-May-18 Epic V8 Double Surfski

2 team paddlers in 1 teams

Hayling Island
9 completions -- 8 solo + 1 teams -- 10 paddlers in total (8 solo / 2 team)
Verified = GPS record

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