Circumnavigations: Achill Island

Achill Island lies on the north-west coast of Ireland, separated from the mainland by the narrow Achill Sound.
For the Circumnavigator it holds much that appeals: the distance is realistic (around 36 nm), the narrow sounds ensure fast flows, and mean detailed planning is required to achieve an optimum time. Along the more exposed westerley coast can be found some of the highest sea cliffs in Europe. Oh yes, and the sound dries at certain stages of the tide.

Achill Island


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Pos. K1W Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Boat Note Links
1 K1M David Horkan 06:20:29 01-Aug-19 Rockpool Taran
2 K1M John Willacy 06:29:39 02-Aug-19 Rockpool Taran
3 K1M David Horkan 06:41:32 02-Oct-15 Zegul Sea Rocket Blog
4 K1M Patrick Woods 07:04:38 28-May-17 Rockpool Tarantella Track
5 K1M Michael O'Farrell 07:39:27 17-Sep-19 Rockpool Taran
6 K1M Tahdg de Barra 07:43:00 Sep-12 Kirton C-Trek
7 K1M Patrick Woods 08:26:04 23-May-16 Valley Nordkapp RM UV GPS
8(1) K1W Catriona Woods 08:43:00 10-May-17 Rockpool Tarantella
9(2) K1W Catriona Woods 09:28:00 28-May-17 Rockpool Tarantella UV
10 K1M Ali Donald 09:59:00 May-09 UV Blog
Number of Records: 10
uv = Unverified (no GPS)


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Pos. K1W Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Boat Note Links
1 K1M Tim Healy
David Horkan
06:52:00 09-Sep-14 ?
KayakPro Nemo (DH)
Photo (DH) Blog
Number of Records: 1
uv = Unverified (no GPS)
Achill Island

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