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Coast to Coast

Though these trips may not be, strictly speaking, viewed as sea kayaking. They start and finish on salt water, crossing the mainland UK on the way, to give an intriguing mixture of paddling environments.

Good inspiration for those looking for a goal a little different from the 'usual' stuff.

Image: The mouth of the River Humber

UK Coast to Coast


Number of Records: 3
Pos. Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Start Finish Boat Note Links
1 Team Gareth Chapman
Steve England
Ken Hewitt
9 days 13-Jul-12 Portishead Minster, Isle of Sheppey Perception Carolina
1 Team Steve Davis
Chris Harle
9 days 2016 Perch Rock, New Brighton Humber Bridge NDK Poseidon
P+H Capella RM
3 Team Jean Brown
Liz Jordan
Jim Krawiecki
Glenn Parry
8 days 15-Mar-09 Crosby Beach Spurn Head P+H Quest LV
P+H Capella
Valley Avocet
Valley Nordkapp

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UK Coast to Coast

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