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Menai Challenge - 2013 Results

The Menai Challenge is an informal and self-timed time-trial aimed to encourage paddlers to challenge their performance, skills and fitness over one of two courses within the Menai Straits.

Below are the results for 2013; results are recorded for each attempt rather than on a paddler basis - the more times you send in the more your name will appear. Submit your time: Here
There is a prize draw at the end of each year for all those who have submitted an entry - irrespective of result.

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2013 Adv Course:

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Pos. K1W Name Cat Club Time Date Boat Tide
1 John Willacy K1M Rockpool Kayaks 01:30:39 25-May-13 Rockpool Taran 9.7m
2 David Attenborough K1M N/A 01:45:47 06-Dec-13 P+H Quest 9.8m
3 Steve Miles K1M N/A 01:48:37 06-Dec-13 Rockpool Taran 16 9.8m

Number of Runs: 3
2013 Adv Course

2013Std Course:

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Pos. K1W Name Cat Club Time Date Boat Tide
1 Aled Williams K1M Tiderace Kayaks 01:16:33 25-May-13 Tiderace Pace 18 9.7m
2 Jeff Parker K1M Trentham CC 01:19:38 23-Feb-13 Rockpool Taran 8.3m
3(1) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 01:22:40 25-May-13 Rockpool Taran 9.7m
4 Steve Miles ? 01:22:59 27-May-13 Rockpool Taran 16 9.7m
5 Matt Caunt K1M 01:25:59 25-Aug-13 P+H Capella 9.0m
6(2) Julia Kay K1W Stoke Paddlers 01:30:59 25-Aug-13 Point 65 XP16 9.0m
7 Alex Parker K1M Trentham CC 01:34:59 25-Aug-13 Valley Avocet 9.0m
8(3) Julia Kay K1W Stoke Paddlers 01:40:23 31-Mar-13 Point 65 XP16 9.3m
9 Matt Caunt K1M 01:40:37 31-Mar-13 P+H Capella 9.3m

Number of Runs: 9
2013Std Course

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