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Isle of Skye Circumnavigation
Peter Evans
Scotland - West Coast
Isle of Skye
150 miles
8 days taken
A trip report of an 8 day circumnavigation of the Isle of Skye undertaken in June 2013 by Pete Evans. (Posted by PSK)
Eyemouth / St Abb’s Head / Pettico Wick
Brian Turnbull
Scotland - East Coast
Eyemouth, South East Scotland
19 km - this distance very much depends on what you put into this trip, it can be made considerably shorter or even made longer.
4-6 hours, though there are many options which can vary the length of this trip.
This trip starts in the fishing port of Eyemouth and takes you in a North Westerly direction past the renowned surf beach at Coldingham Bay and on past St Abb's Village and harbour, one of the best sub aqua dive areas in Britain, to the little known bay of Pettico Wick. The area has some outstanding scenery and the rockhopping potential here is fantastic.
North Channel Crossing, Irish Sea
John Willacy
Scotland - West Coast
Portpatrick, Dumfries & Galloway
19 nm
4-6 hours
The North Channel crossing is the shortest route if you are looking to cross from one side of the Irish Sea to the other. From Portpatrick (Dumfries and Galloway) to Donaghadee in Northern Ireland this is a fairly straightforward crossing, but it must be appreciated that this is still a true open crossing, and is for experienced paddlers only.
Bear in mind that it is nearly a 10 mile swim from the half way mark if things don't work out!
The main description is an extract of an article based upon a March 2011 crossing and previously published in Canoe Wales Ceufad magazine.
Circumnavigation of The Isle of Bute
Malcolm Stubbs
Scotland - West Coast
Isle of Bute
50 nm
2 to 4 days
A clockwise circumnavigation of Bute in February over three days.
Penrhyn Mawr overfalls, Anglesey
Aled Williams
Wales - North
Penrhyn Mawr, NW corner of Holyhead
2-3 hrs
Penrhyn Mawr is arguably Anglesey’s best sea kayak play-spot. Penrhyn Mawr is easily accessed, lying only a short distance off the coast of Anglesey. This is potentially a complex weather and tide governed trip that includes kayaking in areas of strong tidal currents. Perfect for practicing rough water techniques and playing in waves, boils and eddies; however, in poor conditions this can quickly become a very confused and treacherous piece of water. Paddlers should be aware that they would be taking on the most powerful force of nature found on the Anglesey coastline, prepare themselves accordingly and adopt a defensive mind-set when playing in this location.
Rhoscolyn – The Detail
John Willacy
Wales - North
Rhoscolyn, Isle of Anglesey
6 nm
3-4 hrs
'Rhoscolyn' is viewed as one of the classic sea kayaking trips. Starting from the shelter of Borth Wen, the sea paddler is soon exposed to the rocky cliffs with numerous gullies and zawns to explore. There is much of interest - caves and coves, stone arches and hidden beaches. A brief detour out to the Beacon will reward with sightings of seals and some moving water, for those looking for a little more of a challenge.
On a calm summer day this is a relaxing and rewarding trip with much to explore, but with prevailing wind or swell this can quickly become a committing and confused stretch of very challenging coastline.
Posted by PSK
The Skerries (Anglesey) – The Easy Way
John Willacy
Wales - North
The Skerries, Isle of Anglesey
Around 9-10 nm
3 hrs (paddling time)
Lying tantalisingly off the North Coast of Anglesey, The Skerries shelter a central lagoon along with providing residence for various wildlife and an impressive lighthouse. This route is probably the most straightforward way to take you out to the Skerries by sea kayak, giving you time to admire the impressive view as you wait for the tide to turn.
Posted by PSK
Puffin Island, Anglesey
John Willacy
Wales - North
Puffin Island, SE corner of Anglesey
4.5 nm
2 - 3 hrs
Puffin Island (Ynys Seriol) is easily accessed, lying only a short distance off the coast of Anglesey. This is a relatively straightforward trip that includes a wreck, seal colony, lighthouse, birdlife and some tidal movement, all with the Snowdonia Mountains as a spectacular backdrop. This is an idyllic trip for a calm summer evening; however, in poor conditions this can quickly become a confused and exposed piece of water.
Ynys Dulas, Anglesey
John Willacy
Wales - North
North East Coast of Anglesey
6 nm
3 hrs
Ynys Dulas is a small rocky island off the North East coast of Anglesey. At few hundred meters long, it is barely more than a small rocky reef but it is possible to land, with a drying gravel beach on springs. It is the home to Seals, Shags and Cormorants, along with a small tower built to shelter shipwrecked mariners.
Lying a few miles north of Moelfre, Ynys Dulas provides a great opportunity for those looking for an introduction to paddling away from the shelter of the coastline.
Example Trip – Newtown bay
Bill Smith
England - South Coast
4 -5 hrs
A pleasant trip along the sheltered coastline of Newtown Bay.
Nice trip, beware of the Mermaids