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Search Details Passed: Marcus Demuth

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1: Menai Challenge 2012 Std

1 out of 14.

Posn. (K1W) Paddler Elapsed Date Boat Course Cat
8 Marcus Demuth 01:18:00 11-Feb-12 Rockpool Taran Std K1M

2: Menai Challenge 2011 Adv

4 out of 39.

Posn. (K1W) Paddler Elapsed Date Boat Course Cat
15 Marcus Demuth 01:38:42 29-Aug-11 Rockpool TT Prototype Adv K1M
18 Marcus Demuth 01:40:49 40760 Valley Rapier 18 Adv K1M
20 Marcus Demuth 01:42:00 40739 Valley Nordkapp Adv K1M
22 Marcus Demuth 01:46:24 23-Aug-11 Rockpool Taran Adv K1M

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