Circumnavigations: Isle of Mull

At around 80 nm Mull is one of the longer UK island circumnavigations that can be completed in a day, the distance makes this is a serious circumnavigation challenge with stretches of isolated coastline added to the mix. Though the tides are less demanding than some other venues, the long open crossing to the west can be exposed to the weather and should not be taken for granted. For those looking to explore there are plenty of options amongst remote coastline, unspoilt beaches and intriguing sea lochs. The Isles of Iona, Ulva and Staffa providing interesting trips in their own rights, whilst the Sound of Mull can provide a relaxed paddle and shelter from the weather. The surrounding scenery is spectacular and growing Sea Eagle population draws many to the area.

Isle of Mull


Number of Records: 3
UV=Unverified (no GPS)
Pos. K1W Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Boat Note Links
1 K1M John Willacy 19:34:00 05-Jun-11 Rockpool Taran Photos
2 K1M Steve Porter 3 days Aug-2011 SKUK Romany Explorer
3 K1M Jonny Hawkins 4 days 31-Jul-2014 P+H Scorpio Blog

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Number of Records: 2

Pos. K1W Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Boat Note Links
1 Team Will Herman
Tim Pearson
4 days Sep-14 P+H Sirius
Rockpool GT
2 Team A. Evans
M. Cartwright
A. Clarke
D. Patchett
9 Days P+H Quest Link1

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Isle of Mull

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